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Just thought I'd say something about Thursday's Gazette, which has a 
big cover story on the possible re-emergence of Birdland in the old 
Derby space on Gottingen in January.  According to the article:

-Capacity will be near 500.
-Victor Syperek (signmaker extraordinaire and decorator of Economy, 
Diamond and Backstage) will be doing the interior design.
-Greg Clark will be booking the music in the Birdland style, and 
will attempt to draw more acts from across Canada and the world.
-Syperek expects the club to serve better food and act as a cafe in 
the afternoons.
-The goal is to open in time to host some part of the ECMAs in 
-The cabaret license (allowing the bar to draw dance crowds right up 
until 4am) will be applied for, but isn't a given.
-The name may not survive (debate on new name selections is welcome).