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"4 Dots" compilation

>>Return-Path: n9448695\!/cc.wwu.edu
>>Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 12:31:53 -0800 (PST)
>>From: Terry Lee Picknell <n9448695\!/cc.wwu.edu>
>>To: details\!/murderecords.com, cm1\!/murderecords.com
>>Subject: "4 Dots" compilation
>>Hello, my name is Terry, I live in Bellingham, Wa.  which is 90 minutes
>>north of Seattle.  I writing you to find out if any band may be
>>interested in contributing to a compilation that I am putting together.
>>I want the compilation to be bands from Seattle to Bellingham in the U.S.
>>and the Halifax area to Moncton in Canada.  Hence the "4 Dots" title.  I'm
>>not sure about Moncton, maybe it could possibly Fredricton, but I want to
>>put Seattle in there because I have interest from Seattle bands.
>>This will be a CD, completely financed by my label Montesano, and my
>>roommates label Elsinor.  All I need is song contributions, and pertinent
>>info: publishing, members, etc. whatever the band wants to send.  I will
>>probably sell it from this side, mail ordering it across the border,
>>(unless some huge distributer swoops down with huge interest).
>>So far, these are the listing of artists over in B'ham and Seattle:
>>-Ken Stringfellow (from the Posies) (Seattle, B'ham)
>>-Jon Auer (from the Posies) (Seattle, B'ham)
>>-Twin Princess (Seattle)
>>-Death Cab for Cutie (B'ham)
>>-The Revolutionary Hydra (B'ham)
>>-The Green Pajamas (Seattle)
>>-This Busy Monster (Seattle)
>>-Five Gears in Reverse (B'ham)
>>-Pinwheel (B'ham)
>>-Magnetic Bicycle Craft (B'ham)
>>-Lucitania (B'ham)
>>-Mono Men (Estrus Garage Kings in B'ham) (maybe)
>>	I am awaiting word from these bands:  Tulleycraft, 764-Hero, The
>>Incredible Force of Junior, The Crabs, The Microphones.
>>I can send a tape of these bands.  I'm not exactly sure what songs they
>>will send, but it can give a general idea of what the bands sound like
>>I can say that the comp. definately will lean towards the "pop" side of
>>things, whatever that might mean.
>>Now, I need help for bands on the Canadian side.  So far I heard back from
>>Plumtree and Dave Ullrich of the Inbreds said he would definately
>>check out bands for me.  Can you help me put the word out to other Halifax
>>independent (or otherwise) bands, and possibly Moncton bands? (I'm trying
>>to get a hold of Tara White for possible contributions).
>>I'm going to send a message out again to Colin MacKenzie, No Records, Cool
>>Blue Halo, and Thrush Hermit to see if they can help.
>>I'm setting the deadline for contributions at Feb 15th, 1998.   I want to
>>get the CD released at least six weeks after that, if all goes well.
>>Elsinor has dealt with Parasol mail order in the past, which has done a
>>real good job with their releases, so distribution through them is
>>definately an option.  Elsinor is also setting to release a comp.
>>featuring the Phillistines Jr., Olivia Tremor Control, and Moviola.
>>Also, I have a friend who works at the Sub-Pop Mega
>>Mart who could talk to Sub-Pop about distribution.  I know they hold a
>>strong, strong liking to all the great music coming out of your area.  I
>>am also trying to talk to Not Lame to see if they are interested.
>>Elsinor has put out many tapes and are set to release two CD's in Feb, one
>>by a Cal. band called The Burning Sofa and one by the REvolutionary Hydra.
>>Montesano is gearing up to release a CD for Five Gears in REverse, this
>>comp. would be the second one.
>>Interested bands can send DATs, Mini-Discs, (maybe cassettes if they
>>desire) to:
>>Montesano Records
>>c/o Terry Picknell
>>P.O. Box #243
>>Bellingham, WA.  98227-0243
>>If anybody has any questions, they can e-mail me at either this address:
>>n9448695\!/cc.wwu.edu      or
>>I love getting phone calls if someone wants to call long distance:
>>Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Thank you so
>>much for your attention. I'm such a huge fan of alot of Halifax music, and
>>I would love this project to do well, mainly because I want more exposure
>>of everyone's music to people I know who would dig it.  Thanks again, look
>>forward to hearing from you.  Keep warm in that chilly weather :).
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