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Re: if you are bored

Since so many have asked me where to find these songs, I'll explain 
to the list:

}> 2) Guidance Counsellor

A Chris-Murphy-penned ballad which has been left off several Sloan 
albums but has been played live, usually to start the encore set. 
(actually, Autobiography is older than the rest of OCTA, I believe, 
and was cut from TR).  I don't know of any official release, but I 
think it's at least covered on Les Amis de Sloan, wherever that went 

}> 3) Love Her All I Can

A Kiss cover they used to play all the time before they had any 
albums out.  They still get requests from the die-hards.

(Can't believe Mandy from Michigan didn't know a Kiss song :)

}> 4) Planet Earth

A Duran Duran cover they played on the TR tour, I think.  Sometimes 
they'd actually play it themselves, other times it was a lip-synch.

}> 5) Right Brigade

Another old cover tune by this well-known reggae-punk outfit whose 
name just won't come into my head right now even though I own their
album which contains that song. (It came to me: Bad Brains)

}> 6) Hot Smoke and Sassafrass

A cover from the OCTA tour by 70's one-hit-wonder Bubble Puppy.

There were several other cover tunes which I only heard them do once 
and can't remember the original band, let alone the song title.

To add to the mania:

Shant Pelley <ag344\!/chebucto.ns.ca> had this to say about Re: if you 
}lest we forget:
}7) Getaway

Another Kiss cover

}8) Sob Story

I think this one was a Snob Shop (Laura Borealis) song?
Boo Fucking Hoo!

}9) Smells Like Teen Spirit

I think we can all guess who originally performed this, and no, it 
wasn't Wierd Al Yankovic.  Chris sang the whole thing with 'la-la's
as if he didn't know the lyrics.

Also, I received this query privately which maybe someone more 
skilled in comparing songs to each other can answer:

From: JSBXploson\!/aol.com

}Do they have any other songs that sound similar to songs 
}"Stove/Smother" that appear on DGC Rarities?

I'd say you should try buying some Eric's Trip :)