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poledo and new grand

hullo folks

i went to the poledo/new grand/paper route/scratching post  show here in TO
last night at the el mocambo.  it was excellent!!

although, the doors didnt open till 9 (they were supposed to open at 8 i
believe)  annnd they charged us 6 bucks instead of 5. BUT  poledo went on
first and were really good.  lots of energy and lotsa new songs. 
the new grand went up next and were really really good.  they seemed to be
having a lot of fun (possibly more than a lot of the people in the
audience)  and played a lot of new songs as well.  burn all the biddies,
hamphisted, the get up and a flair for sex were some of the old ones and
then there were new ones called (oh dear i hope i get these right)  girls,
leather, yours truly and....err there were a whole bunch more.
we had to leave before the other two bands so i dont know what happened
with those two.