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Re: sloan's master tapes/CHART

>}I don't have the story straght so can someone straighten it out.
>}Have Sloan recieved the master tapes from all of the sessions done with
>}DGC or just the finished albums??

I just picked up the latest Nov. Chart mag and here's the little ditty they
wrote on Sloan:

Sloan: Masters of their domain
Halifax's favourite sons (even thought 3/4 of them now reside in Toronto)
have been given back the ownership of their masters for the album Smeared
from Geffen Records and are negotiating for the return of Twice Removed's
tapes. (The band is also free from its deal with the defunct American label,
The Enclave.) In the meantime the fab four are recording a new album in
Toronto. Expect a release in the spring of 1998. 

This little article also includes a slightly blurred picture of Christopher
Murphy with bass performing at the "secret" Sloan show at the Shanghai Club
here in T.O. And of course you have the obligatory "Sloan Watch" icon to
accompany it. 

Other few things worth mentioning about the latest Chart - brief synopsis of
the HOM festival, where the reviewer named Chris M. the "Best Poser"(?) and
criticized Plubtree's "girly lyrics"... Also includes photos of Neko Case
performing with Matt Murphy on stage, and Laura Stein with Colin Mackenzie
and Neko. 

And yet another thing to mention - Chart is now taking answers for their
Third Annual Year-End Reader's Poll. (And since this is a year end poll, i'm
assuming that answers will be limited to things that happened/were released
this year.) Since the posties here in Canada are currently on strike, email
answers to Chart at chart\!/chartnet.com if you feel like replying. The last
day that Chart will be taking entries is December 1. Let your opinions be
heard Sloanners (because I know there's an abundance of them on this list) -
preach your undying devotion to Sloan, and spew out your hate for OLP. Go
on. I know you wanna do it. 

Favorite Album _________________
Favourite 7" __________________
Favourite Album Design/Packaging __________________
Favourite Record Label _____________________
Most Underrated ____________________
Favourite Video ___________________
Most Overrated __________________
Biggest Ego ___________________
I'd Walk on Hot Coals to See This Band Live __________________
Disappointment of the Year ___________________
Give This Person a Talk Show ____________________
Best Tattoo/Piercing _____________________
Favourite Music Festival _________________
Best Edwin Replacement(???!) ___________________
Worst Video __________________
Give This Person a Make-Over __________________
Favourite Web Site ____________________
Worst Side-Project ____________________
"Why Did This Happen" Award __________________

-Elaine (who is feverishly trying to catch up on email...sorry...) 

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