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Re: sloan's new found master tapes

colin squires <c.squires\!/thezone.net> had this to say about sloan's new found master tapes

}I don't have the story straght so can someone straighten it out.
}Have Sloan recieved the master tapes from all of the sessions done with
}DGC or just the finished albums??

I don't know, but I'd suspect the former.

}P.S. what are the chances of a thing like the 12" twice removed album
}from murder happening with smeared.

I may be getting a bit crusty, but I seem to recall a 12" Smeared 
gracing the walls of Dischord back when that album was released.  In 
fact there's probably one enshrined by the Fans From Hell (who also 
have that album on 8-track, but that's another story).  So are you 
asking if vinyl Smeared exists, to which I'd answer yes, or if vinyl 
Smeared will now be rereleased by Murder, to which I'd answer no?

But then maybe there are some fumes loose in my lab,