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Poster Girl Records website/HoM

hi y'all!

Poster Girl Records now has a website!   You can visit it at 
Keep an eye on it, since more info on the Cheticamp CD and mini-tour is 
to come!  Also, for those of you on our not-yet-activated-but-almost-there 
e-mail list, the first newsletter will be out very soon. 

Also, I'm scrambling for info on Halifax on Music/Pop Explosion for an 
essay due really soon.  If you know of any good websites (I'm looking 
primarily for background info) please e-mail me ASAP!  If you've been a 
regular attendee of the event and think you can help me, e-mail me as 
well!  Thanks :)

			...sizzle teen

      carol nishitoba  :)   3B E.R.S., co-op   ccnishit\!/fes.uwaterloo.ca    
                Poster Girl Records & _in the meantime..._ zine