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Cafe Ole

It's interesting that no one has metioned the fact that Cafe Ole is 
closing down in a few weeks. Maybe I'm the only one that goes there. 
Anyways, If you didn't know, rumor has it that the new Neptune threatened 
to take the guy who ownes the building to court. I guess Cafe Ole was too 
noisy for them, and they didn't like the "kids" hanging around. Of 
course, me being under 19, I have no idea where I'm going to see any live 
entertainment after it closes. Sure, there are all-ages shows, but none 
on a regular basis, at a steady venue. If anyone's interested, there are 
some petitions going around, you could probably sign one at Cafe Ole. The 
last show is on the 30th, I think the Chitz might be playing, nothing is 
confirmed yet. You might as well go while you still can.

Christina (Victor's SISTER)