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Bridgeschool and 90's rawk


The Brideschool benefit is a concert organized by Neil Young every year for
at least four or five years now.  The Brideschool itself is a centre for
children with mental and physical handicaps.  Neil and his wife hold this as
a fundraiser every year to fund the school.  There is also a CD compilation
that you can that also goes towards the Bridgeschool as well.  A worthy
cause indeed!
Speaking of Hayden, what's he been up to as of late? It's been a while now
since I've heard anything from him.
Also, this talk that has been going on about the 90's being the worst decade
in music, I can't agree with this at all.  I hold my firm belief that where
we are right now is as good as it's ever been.  Granted, with a few
exceptions the songs we're hearing on commercial radio sure ain't much to
shake a stick at, music is always improving.  Artists grow and mature, new
bands appear and have nowhere to go but up.  Bands from the past will always
influence bands in the present.  I can see your frustration though, I think
that in terms of commerical radio your point is true, the songs they were
playing on the radio twenty years ago may have been more creative and more
inspirational than what we're hearing today, but I don't think that
commercial radio is where we should be looking to judge the status of
contemporary music.  There are more great bands today then there ever have
been, and 20 years from now there will be even more great bands around.
Music has no place to go but to improve itself.