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Re: my own four cents.

Wasn't Sloan on Fax the other day?  What did they talk about?
they weren't actually on the show, Much Music just showed GIE and had words on it saying that sloan was recording a new album and that Chris Murphy said it may be a double album.

My two cents on the double disc is that if a band wants to get noticed and to have records sales and fans etc. they would not put out a double album because people wouldn't buy a double album so they can listen to two songs that turned popular. lucikly Sloan already has some recognition, well alot of recognition but some people are still not hooked to the band. releaseing a double album may cause people not to buy the album cause it's to exspensive. well that's my point of veiw i'll let the rest of you pick it apart or agree with me hopefully.

P.S. Maybe Sloan Parts 1-5(of ETH fame). just a thought