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Re: my own four cents.

> At 03.38 1997-11-16, **shawn morris** wrote:
> >>>sure we'd miss out on album artwork, but when did that
> >>>become important?
> >
> >how true, I think all albums released should just have blank white
> >with no writing, and no label sticker. Every album should just have a
> >little insert with the tracking listing, of course the insert idea
> >on how 'indie' you really are. whatever...
> _right on_! and all different kinds of food should come in form of
> pills no matter whether it really would be snails in garlic or macaroni
> cheese.. (and depending on how "indie" you are, you'd be told what dish
> are actually having, what the ingredients are, and so forth)
i agree sooo much.  i love looking at the inside booklets.  sure its not
half as important as the music but it tells you a lot about the band, and i
just think its fun.  i really dont see how being "indie" has anything to do
about it.

and on the double album issue, it would be nice... but anything would be
nice EXCEPT for that stupid idea of having one album only available at
shows.  what would i do if they skipped over toronto?  (... not that i can
see that happening)  but it could happen to a lot of other people.

and nobody even ranted about andrews birthday?....