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Re: my own four cents.

At 03.38 1997-11-16, **shawn morris** wrote:

>>>sure we'd miss out on album artwork, but when did that
>>>become important?
>how true, I think all albums released should just have blank white sleeves,
>with no writing, and no label sticker. Every album should just have a
>little insert with the tracking listing, of course the insert idea depends
>on how 'indie' you really are. whatever...

_right on_! and all different kinds of food should come in form of c-vitamin
pills no matter whether it really would be snails in garlic or macaroni and
cheese.. (and depending on how "indie" you are, you'd be told what dish you
are actually having, what the ingredients are, and so forth)

or (even better). we could skip the whole concept of "records" and "nice and
carefully set up meals". everyone's record-collection could be stored in the
same one virtual database, selecting what music to listen to only through a
remote-controll connected with to this one big database (which in turn would
be connected to the speakers in your room). the nutrition needed for us to
survive could be given intravenously along with a flavoured sugar-tablet in
the mouth for taste (depending on what dish we are "having"). hence, there
would be no troubles digesting, no time spent going to the bathroom etc.

.per (ironiker)

btw, i agree with shant when it comes the necessity for bands to select what
songs to put on records. i mean, bands start selecting already in practise
space when working out what songs will work and what won't, i don't see a
reason why a band shouln't continue doing it just because the songs are
written, arranged and rehearsed. but. if sloan are having troubles doing
just that (believing most of their songs are worth releasing - therefore
feeling a double cd would be appropriate), fine. just make sure the records
are released independent of one another and with andrew's songs focused to
one of the records. it would save (at least) me a bit of money.