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Re: warning: semi-long news item! sloan considers releasing

On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> Shant Pelley <ag344\!/chebucto.ns.ca> had this to say about Re: warning: semi-long news item! s
> }i look at it this way. i'd rather have 35-45 minutes of good music and 
> }not have to worry about filler crap.
> True, but how does a band with too many songs decide what's filler 
> and what's utter crap.  Hard to be objective with your own babies.  
> "Well, Sarah's pretty, and Jimmy's clever, and Billy's athletic, and 
> Julie's polite, but we only have three seats in the back of the 
> Toyota, so which one of the kids doesn't go on vacation with us?"

sure, however, whenever a band plays live they have to pick and choose 
what gets played. many bands stick to certain songs because there are 
ones they just don't like.

> }kiss' "dressed to kill" clocks in at less than 30 minutes, and i 
> }(*OPINION HERE*) don't think there's a bad song on the album!
> I can't disagree on that one! :)  But I'll note again that they'd 
> released a fine album six months earlier, and released another six 
> months later.

fair enough. i can't argue that one ;)