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ok, the final statement

1)Place the CD in your CD-ROM
2)Use a program called WinDAC 32 to "rip" it to your harddrive in .WAV
format.  This saves it at about 10 megs per minute.
3)Compress the .WAV format into .MP3 format with a (wow) MP3 compressor.
This compresses it to about 1 meg a minute.
4)Take these MP3's and burn them onto a CD, which presumably can hold at
LEAST 500 megs.  You get the idea.  You can fit over 100 songs on one CD.

	Now, if you want to record a tape onto your puter, it's a bit different.
Just hook the ouput of the tape player into the LINE IN in the back of your
computer.  Record using a WAV recorder, which everyone basically gets if
they have Soundblaster on their puter.  Compress into MP3.

	Records are another matter.  Is there an "output" on record players?
	The CD idea is excellent becuase it loses no sound quality.

	I assume the tape doesn't lose much either, if any.

	The legal ramifications......i don't see the problem if the songs are just
rarities that can't be found anymore.  Wouldn't it just be the exact same
as copying songs onto a tape (which IS prohibited, but not enforced,
right?) only you're using a better sounding medium.  I think the legal part
only comes in if you're peddling the CD's for profit, or take a "normal" CD
and rip it and then pass it out, even if it is for no profit....

	There, that's the last word on it, hopefully.  It shouldn't be this hard
of a concept to understand.

	As for East Coast content....haha..well, hopefully by the end of the
University year, i'll be in the position to place any East Coast stuff i
have or can acquire onto a CD...if people want to get a copy of it (there
will not be CD's like the "party albumn" on it or anything, more like
concerts off of Realtime, bootlegs and hopefully some of the Kearny Lake
Road (is that the band's name?) stuff (if i ever send Adam Kempa the
money)) then i'll post about it again at that time and anyone can get a
hold of me...

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