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Re: CD burning bootlegs

> i duno 'bout the second part. but blank cd's are only 6 bucks 'round
> here....oh. "'round here" is windsor, ont. <shrug>
the $20 cost is based on what we were charged by contracters before we got
our own cd writer....

i asked one of the fellows the time to write a cd with music, hadn't been
done yet, but believed to be about 10 or 15 minutes.  i don't konw if i
believe it.  we have a hewlett packard surestore CD-Writr 6020.  wait here
it is, 100mb in 5 mins, thus about 37 mins for a 74 min cd.

in regards to hooking up stereo, you need a newer reciever (i think) that
has a special design for this operation.  (this is merely heresay).  oh
well.  maybe i'll give this a try later if possible.  it would be nice as

oh yeah, if heather mceachern is out there, could you please email me
about the bootlegs from so long ago (i think it's been a year now, i am
probably wrong though, but perhaps i am not.)

sorry to waste everybody's space, but i am hoping to get info from people
who know how to burn this shit up...