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Re: CD burning bootlegs

In a message dated 97-11-15 11:42:56 EST, you write:

> > finally, the cost of a blank cd is about $20.  oh yeah, and i seem to
>  > recall being told that the cd's are only expected to remain useful for
>  > years.

Well, certain companies who shall remain nameless say that
your average "good quality" CDR (presumably referring to their
own product), are supposed to last a lifetime.  Rumor has it, that
the green dye are better than the gold dye ones, but I've never had
any problems with either kind, either burning or playback.  (Of
course, my oldest CDR is probably only about 1-1/2 years old.)

Also, buying bulk CDR's cuts way down on cost.  I usually buy
at least 50 or so at once and I only pay $2.99.  CDR's cost way
less down here in the states.