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Sad times in the music industry (Re: Sloan Double Album)

In a message dated 97-11-14 14:12:04 EST, you write:

> The "bad handling of a good album" situation might eventually be 
>  linked to the same reason why Sloan decided not to return to Geffen 
>  for release of their third album, OCTA. Of course, to some of you, 
>  this may come off as uninteresting fodder from someone who can't keep 
>  his mouth shut. For those of you who are interested in this, you may 
>  be (or very well should be) the next great company executive of a 
>  winning record company, or perhaps the owner of your own record 
>  company.

Actually, the way I understand it, was that OCTA was delivered to
Geffen, it was basically rejected, then accepted, then rejected for
release again, after which Sloan said basically, "Well, nevermind,
then".  All because one or two people didn't have the
imagination to come up with a good way to market it.  A bad
move.  I know there are a lot of folks over at Geffen who thought
that OCTA was the best records Sloan put out.  

At this point, returning to the original topic of conversation,
the prospect of a double album, it doesn't seem like a good idea.
If Murder wants to release a double in Canada, I'll be more than
happy to buy it direct, but due to the general lack of creativity
in the major label industry these days, Sloan would only take
it in the rear again if they tried to release a double here in
the states.  Unless some highly enlightened label rep. can
make his case to the upper eschelon at the label, I can't
see it happening.   It's a risky business and the majors 
(and their subsidiaries) tend to lean towards (what they believe
to be) "sure things".

The mere thought of seeing Sloan get screwed again in the
states makes me a little nauseous, because it's so unfair
that good bands get pushed aside.  It happens all the time,
unfortunately.  They don't get the promotion they deserve,
fans find it hard to find the records, or even don't get to hear
about them.  I know people who still thought that Sloan broke
up.  I'd love to put a Sloan double out in the states, but my 
little micro-label couldn't do them justice.  (They might actually
want to tour.  :-)  )

Admittedly, I don't have the answer.  I'm just throwing my
little two-cent piece into the discussion pot.  Personally,
I'd buy multiple copies of a Sloan double CD, but I don't think
the record companies think that there are too many of us
out there.  <shrug>

Just glad that there IS new Sloan material coming....