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Re: CD burning bootlegs

in regards to the cd burner i have one at the place i work.  the problem
is that it is a long process to do by hand.  i also have no idea how to go
about taking tapes and records and getting them onto the computer.  i have
heard that there is some way to link up my stereo system, but alas i have
no idea how that would work.

in terms of putting data on a cd it seems to me it took a helluva long
time to get the data put on....alas, i have never actually used the cd

finally, the cost of a blank cd is about $20.  oh yeah, and i seem to
recall being told that the cd's are only expected to remain useful for 20

this is all in my memory and kinda shady.....maybe i will do some serious
calculations.....it would be very very nice.

finally, this one is final.  legal ramifications?

that's the straight shooter over there.