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Re: warning: semi-long news item! sloan considers releasing two albums

Hmmmm two albums, very intriguing...  I mean we can list off how many
successful double albums have been released.  GNR "Use your Illusion",
2Pac "All Eyez on Me", That live Phish one released a couple of years
ago(in 95?), and hey you can't forget Pink Floyds "the Wall".  But then
you have to put into effect all the double albums that didn't do
shit...One of those Fleetwood Mac records, and a bunch of others, Hmmm
like I have been told that the new Bone Thugs hasn't been doing as well
as expected.  But to get on the Sloan spoke, I like the idea.  I mean we
have already had a double album from Sloan(the Party album packed with
OCtA).  I really don't like the idea of the 2nd part of an album being
sold only at concerts, because Sloan really only tours in Canada, which
means my buddy Greg would have to get it for me, me send him the money,
him send me the CD, and well Greg still hasn't sent me a tape of his
band.  To tell you the truth I think they should just double it up,
shrink wrap it, and hell I'll pay $22.99 for the next Sloan CD.  Alright,
that's my IMHO.

anxiously awaiting the next Chixdiggit! and Hayden, 98 will be cool...

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997 08:08:24 -0800 (PST) Catherine Moore
<warmgirl\!/vcn.bc.ca> writes:
>On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Catherine Moore wrote:
>> Sloan considers releasing two new albums
>>                             By [14]JOHN SAKAMOTO
>>                       Executive Producer, Jam! Showbiz
>>     TORONTO -- Guns N' Roses did it. So did Bruce Springsteen. Now
>>    Canada's best pure pop band, Sloan, is considering the 
>possibility of
>>    releasing two new albums at the same time.
>>    possibilities include releasing two albums at the same time, 
>>    a second album five months after the first, and releasing one 
>album to
>>    retail and another that could only be bought at Sloan's concerts.
>>     "It could be commercial suicide," jokes Jay Murphy (the "cute,
>>    heart-wrenching, adorable" one), "but it's not like we haven't 
>>    that before."
>>     "We could put everything onto one CD, but I just think that 75
>>    minutes is a long time to have to sit through for one album."
>>     Plus, Ferguson adds, hardly anyone has tried to pull it off. In 
>>    Guns N' Roses released the hugely successful "Use Your Illusion 
>I" and
>>    "II". The following year, Bruce Springsteen tried the same ploy 
>>    "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town", with substantially less success.

>does anybody have thoughts on this?
>    warmgirl\!/vcn.bc.ca