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Money Talk

sonofscetchie\!/juno.com <sonofscetchie\!/juno.com> had this to say about Re: warning: semi-long news item! s

}To tell you the truth I think they should just double it up,
}shrink wrap it, and hell I'll pay $22.99 for the next Sloan CD.  

Damn Yankees!  That's what it'll cost for the regular album here. :)

And rich <rgcampbe\!/acs.ucalgary.ca> noted:

}in regards to the cd burner i have one at the place i work.  the 
}problem is that it is a long process to do by hand.

Most available burners are 1X drives, i.e. it takes 70 minutes to 
burn a 70 minute music CD.  Commercial operations use faster 
machinery for mass-production of 10 million copies of the latest 
Mariah Carey disc.

}i also have no idea how to go about taking tapes and records and 
}getting them onto the computer.  i have heard that there is some way 
}to link up my stereo system, but alas i have no idea how that would 

It's called "wires" :).  You'd have to wire your stereo output into 
your sound card mike input, record as sound files, burn onto disc.

}finally, the cost of a blank cd is about $20.  oh yeah, and i seem 
}to recall being told that the cd's are only expected to remain 
}useful for 20 years.

As has been mentioned, blank recordable cds can be had for as little 
as $6 (try Future Shop) but most computer stores will still sell 
them for $15-20.  The commercial operations who print cds by the 
hundreds of thousands obviously get them much cheaper.  Supposedly 
the plastic part of the disc is made of poly(vinyl acetate) which 
degrades over time, releasing acetic acid (vinegar!) which slowly 
corrodes the thin aluminum film on which the data is written.  
Keeping them out of direct sunlight is probably advisable.  But as 
long as your music collection doesn't smell like an order of fish & 
chips, they should be fine. (If your music collection already smells 
like an order of fish & chips, it's time to clean your room.)

And a final note on odds of success for double albums: In this 
week's Coast is a review of Alannah Myles' new set, "Arrival".  
Choice quotes:

"This dual disc album is twice the trash..."
"The bottom line is, this piece of rubbish isn't even worth