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Re: warning: semi-long news item! sloan considers releasing

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> I'll take the opposite stance.  Especially in the day of the 
> 78minute CD I feel ripped off to buy albums that clock in at less 
> than 40 minutes, especially given that the length of a single-disc 
> recording has little effect on its end price.   I think that 18 
> songs isn't excessive and that 60 minutes or more of any good band 
> isn't a bad thing.  You expect that much when you see them live, why 
> not when you buy the album?

i dunno, i sorta disagree.  very few bands have put out double albums, or 
at least double-length albums that are really worth the trouble.  i'd say 
the clash's "london calling" is one of the few that i've heard that works 
the whole way through....unlike their triple lp followup "sandinista" 
which fails miserably.
the beatles' "white album" has a lot of filler crap that could have 
easily brought it down to a single lp. same thing with fleetwood mac's 
"tusk"...a multi-million dollar flop which has some really great songs on 
it (especially the lindsey buckingham tracks...), but has some terribly 
lacklustre songs (i,e,-christine mcvie).
i look at it this way. i'd rather have 35-45 minutes of good music and 
not have to worry about filler crap.
kiss' "dressed to kill" clocks in at less than 30 minutes, and i 
(*OPINION HERE*) don't think there's a bad song on the album!

another thing is that it's been said that the songs people are more 
likely to remember more when listening to an album are the first couple 
and the last couple. the average listener's mind tends to wander after 
too long and gets kinda lost on the album.

> However, I think that releasing a two-disc set with less than 40 
> minutes on each 9-song disc is just going to inflate the price and 
> would be pointless.

...and it would also be called a rip-off!
sorta like how the beatles' "1962-66" 2 cd compilation. it could have all 
fit onto one cd with plenty of extra space, however, in keeping with the 
original concept of the double lp as well as the second one (and those 
great apple logos on each disc) it was kept as a double.

you can fit 79-some-odd minutes onto a cd. very rarely is it worth it to 
do so.