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Re: inbreds/best of 97

>> inbreds 7"s
>.> the new murder 7"  what's on that little beauty?
>ok, well i have no idea what's on the murder 7" ....  but i do know that
>the other single you were referring to isn't on subpop but on summerside,
>another label out of seattle.  it's distributed by subpop.  a side:
>yelverton hill, i love this song... it's amazing.  b side:  cathy's clown,
>not as good.  actually, kind of dissapointing coming from the inbreds.

i thought that label was summershine? anyway, cathy's clown is an 
everley brothers cover. 
the murder 7'' has moustache and an acoustic version of reason why 
i'm shy.
the playhouse show was fucking awesome!
joel had a screwed up voice and couldn't sing much though, but they 
did a few new songs. the only one i remember is joel's, and i think 
it's called ''blood and veins'' or some bloodstream-like title. it 
was kind of cold in there though, and not too hard to find.
see ya.

it'll make you giddy as hell