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Re: Several Points

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, James Rocchi wrote:
> 2) In regard to the Double - albums are terrible statement, and a poster
> being hard pressed to name a recent good example, I'd just like to say
> three words: Wilco's "Being There."  Those of you who know what I'm talking
> about know what I'm talking about.

Now there's a double album done correctly. Honestly, I don't think I 
could have handled that amount of music, as good as it is, in one 
sitting. I'm glad they released it on two CDs. As I remember, 'Being 
There' was priced only slightly higher than most new single CD's, so that 
was a plus for the consumer.

Although, the Spiritualized CD 'Ladies and Gentlemen...' was just over 70 
minutes contained on one disc and I thought that flowed beautifully. In 
this case though, i think the music lent itself to the one disc format 
because the songs were longer and more developed than the conventional 
guitar pop format.

So, I guess I'm saying that I would not want to see Sloan release a 70+ 
minute CD of pop music because it's just too much all at once. I'd much 
rather see that amount of pop music stretched over two CDs. And think of all 
the cool artwork they could do for the case and the sleeves!