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my own four cents.

even though i've had all day to think about it, i still can't decide. the
concept looks good on paper. in theory, two albums would be a good idea.
2x the sloan! in reality, though, do i really wanna know? while i do
realize that sloan have had a better goodsong:badsong ratio then most
bands, there's just something about the concept of double albums that
freaks me out. too much too soon! what i think they should do is release
one album...and then the other could be a gig-only thing. this way, the
albums don't have to be seen as one big package, but two smaller things.
and for you cost-conscious types, they could always offer the gig-only
disc at a discount. sure we'd miss out on album artwork, but when did that
become important?

thought i'd say something.