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Re: Re: Several Points (plus other stuff)

**shawn morris**,shawnm\!/webgate.net,Internet writes:
>Someone wrote:
>>I'm trying to think of a lengthy release of new music to use as an 
>>example and can't.

>A great example is the Tortoise release 'Millions Now Living Will Never
>Die'. I believe that the album clocks in at 74+ mins, including the 20
>min.+ lead off track 'Djed'.

Note the '20-minute leadoff track'  bit. Tortoise are not a pop band. 
Nor are Sonic Youth (who someone else cited as an example).
I hate to state the obvious, but I'll do it again: Sloan _are_ a pop band.

I don't think anyone can name a really good straight-ahead pop album that's
much longer than an LP (45 - ish minutes).
Basically, less is more. 

Personally, I think that 13 or 14 songs is the absolute max that most bands
can pull off well. I can't think of one 
record with more songs that doesn't have some filler or some stinkers. Change
of Heart's _Smile_  is 21 songs and 74 
minutes long, and it's one of my favorite albums, period. And yet I could do
without five or six tracks. 

Back to Sloan, though.. their new material, from what I heard live in
September, is pretty iffy.  Here's my question:
does anyone here really want 20 Sloan songs that sound like Boston?

who'll probably buy everything they've done wrong or right

PS speaking of 'Curious', why no discussion of the new Sandbox concept album?