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the double album concept

salutations to all in sloannetland.

the idea of one record only available at live gigs is fine if sloan actually
goes across canada and the us. i know when the rhodes 7" came out, those
darn boys didn't show their mugs around _my_ neck of the woods, and prior to
their october 1996 show here they hadn't been here since september 1994,
which is long even without a hiatus. does this fact make me less worthy of a
chance to knock a dozen bucks down for some vinyl? am i less of a fan
because i live in a frozen wasteland? should i be penalized for my inability
to send money orders on time (or three months before the vinyl is even
pressed)?! no, probably not (though this is debatable in my current

please, mr. record-making-man, make me a double album with extra,
extra, extra pretty drawings. i think a coroplast jacket with acid-free
paper insets would be lovely. and it would keep the moths and silverfish
away. well, as long as there weren't perspiration stains on the cds. then
they might eat through the discs. 

what are the first tell-tale signs of dehydration?