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Gatefolds and their ilk

Rather than copy chunks of Glen's post (and others) I'll just make a 
few comments.

I guess I must be a modernized humanoid, because when folks started 
talking about "double albums" I entirely omitted vinyl from my 
thought processes.  (What a fucked-up statement!  First of all, no 
modernized humanoid uses the word "folks".  Second, I would expect 
that my human brain made of living cells, unlike a positronic matrix 
perhaps, would naturally omit vinyl from its thought processes.  But 
I digress...).  I have always been of the belief that the word 
"album" indicates a selection of songs released concurrently as a 
titled entity, however since the rise of the cassette and CD most 
people seem to equate the word "album" with a vinyl-format release.

I wholeheartedly concur that a two record gatefold set would be 
welcome in any sloaner's collection.  I do not want to see a double 
CD set unless:
a) the price is less than 150% that of a single disc and
b) it's in a paper gatefold which fits in standard racks.
The cassette version can realistically fit on one tape as well, 
though the powers that be rarely permit it.

My half-assed comment on the Party Album was meant to indicate 
simply that the band has already released a 2-CD set with presumably 
adequate sales figures, and was not intended to rehash whining about 
US/CAN alternate marketing ploys and ripoffs.

In my mental block regarding examples of double albums of "new 
music" I was not trying to pigeonhole a genre (pop vs art rock) or 
to specify records released this decade.  I meant to say "music 
which is being released to the public for the first time" as opposed 
to the vast majority of double albums which are either live shows, 
greatest hits packages or re-recordings with a symphony orchestra.

I apologise for any misinterpretations I have made or caused.  The 
written word is commonly misinterpreted (e.g. The Holy Bible)