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Re: Several Points

	This is a nice attempt, but you're either basing  your thoughts on the
idea that i intend to rip Peppermint, Smeared, Twice Removed and OCTA (not
to mention the Party Albumn of course) for the sole purpose of selling them
off and making money off of the transaction.  The only thing i want to do
is get a collection of rareities (sp?) by the guys.  If the Good in
Everyone single was available in stores, i'd go buy it.  It's not.  How
else am i supposed to get it?  Send someone some cash to send me a tape
with the songs on the tape, probably with (even if it is only slightly)
inferior sound quality?  What's the difference between getting a tape copy
of it or having it in MP3 format?  None.  Either way the artists don't get
royalties, but i don't see you condeming tape traders.

	This is a good topic.  What does everyone think of the idea of taking
Sloan/Superfriendz/Jale concerts and such, which are either recorded off of
Realtime or simple bootlegs, converting them to MP3's and eventually
burning a CD of them?  My purpose for having the CD would be that it would
be easier to play (my tape deck is broke) and i wouldn't have to worry
about the CD being ruined as much as i do with the tapes.  If anyone else
would want a copy, i'd send it to them for the price of the blank CD and
postage....why would you charge for something like that?  I realize some
people (ick, bad people) would, but....

Also, in my previous post today, i mentioned i picked up Smeared, but i
meant to say i picked up Peppermint.....what a Sloan fan i'd be if i hadn't
gotten Smeared till now....but then what kind of a Sloan fan am I if I just
got Peppermint?....oh well....

	And, finally, i'd just like to say that i wanted to rant and rave and
attempt to diss you with a really nifty sarcastic reply, but i guess yer
just better than me and i'm but a simple "scumbag", incapable of such an
educated/cool post.

>4) MP3 Files! Alright! Tell me, what's the name of the program that pays
>royalties to the artists? Oh, hey, that's right. There isn't one. MP3 File
>Recorder = Scumbag.

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