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Re: warning: semi-long news item! sloan considers releasing

>I'm trying to think of a lengthy release of new music to use as an 
>example and can't.  I'm sure I have a Rush album somewhere that 
>clocks in that long, or an Iron Maiden with lots of 12-minute 
>opusses (opae? opi? opiae?) on it.  I suppose some of the post-ET 
>releases are pretty long too.

Elevator To Hell's "Part 1-3" is over 60 minutes, and I never get bored from
the begining of it to the end.  Sonic Yuoth "Washing Machine" is a good
60-plus album.  New Yo La Tengo is 60 plus.  I'd say sloan would be safe
with a 70-plus minute disc, as long as those terrible reviews people gave of
the new stuff from HOM.