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Re: Several Points

1) The statement that this is the worst decade for music suggests either a
narrow-mindedness so parochial you could use a glove for a toque, a desire
to take part in a backlash for personal reasons, or simple irrationality.

2) In regard to the Double - albums are terrible statement, and a poster
being hard pressed to name a recent good example, I'd just like to say
three words: Wilco's "Being There."  Those of you who know what I'm talking
about know what I'm talking about.

3) More importantly, whether the new album is single, double, 1.5 (Like Joe
jackson's Big World) or whatever, IS THERE AMERICAN DISTRIBUTION THROUGH

4) MP3 Files! Alright! Tell me, what's the name of the program that pays
royalties to the artists? Oh, hey, that's right. There isn't one. MP3 File
Recorder = Scumbag.