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warning: semi-long news item! sloan considers releasing two albums

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Catherine Moore wrote:

i was just surfing and found this little item of potential interest.
enjoy? :)

> Sloan considers releasing two new albums
>                             By [14]JOHN SAKAMOTO
>                       Executive Producer, Jam! Showbiz
>     TORONTO -- Guns N' Roses did it. So did Bruce Springsteen. Now
>    Canada's best pure pop band, Sloan, is considering the possibility of
>    releasing two new albums at the same time.
>     "When you've got a collective in which everyone writes, a single CD
>    ends up taking on almost cartoonish representations of what each of us
>    does," bassist-singer Chris Murphy is saying this week at a cramped
>    Toronto studio, where Murphy, Jay Ferguson, Patrick Pentland, and
>    Andrew Scott have laid down 18 new songs over the course of a pair of
>    two-week sessions.
>     "It kind of becomes like, Andrew is the brooding one, Patrick is the
>    metalhead-slash-sensitive guy, I'm the wall-to-wall bridges guy with
>    no choruses, and Jay's the cute, heart-wrenching, adorable one.
>     "We've got enough songs to put a double album now, and there are more
>    songs that we didn't even record," says Murphy.
>     Though the band is still deciding what to do with the bounty of
>    material they've accumulated since 1996's "One Chord To Another", the
>    possibilities include releasing two albums at the same time, releasing
>    a second album five months after the first, and releasing one album to
>    retail and another that could only be bought at Sloan's concerts.
>     "It could be commercial suicide," jokes Jay Murphy (the "cute,
>    heart-wrenching, adorable" one), "but it's not like we haven't done
>    that before."
>     "We could put everything onto one CD, but I just think that 75
>    minutes is a long time to have to sit through for one album."
>     Plus, Ferguson adds, hardly anyone has tried to pull it off. In 1991,
>    Guns N' Roses released the hugely successful "Use Your Illusion I" and
>    "II". The following year, Bruce Springsteen tried the same ploy with
>    "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town", with substantially less success.
>     Meanwhile, Sloan intends to wrap up the current sessions with one
>    final two-week push after Christmas. The results -- in whatever form
>    they take -- should be out in May.

does anybody have thoughts on this?