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Re: my chest is empty

my chest is empty is on the Warmgirl 7", i'm not sure about the
casette though. speaking of early ET casettes, is anyone willing dub
them for me for a trade or something? we could work something
out...i'm looking for any or all of them. thanks!

> > Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it goes
> > "My Chest is Empty Pt 1" on Warmgirl
> > "My Chest is Empty Pt 2" on Long Days...
> > "My chest is Empty Pt 3" on Forever Again
> i don't remember what's on what for the most part, but "my chest is 
> empty" is not on "Warm girl in any form....at least not that i
> it's been awhile since i've dug that out.

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