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Re: warning: semi-long news item! sloan considers releasing

Jason <malkmus\!/ns.sympatico.ca> had this to say about Re: warning: semi-long news item! s

}> does anybody have thoughts on this?
}Please No!!! double albums are just terrible....it's too much at once 
}from one band...i mean there's so much material staring at you that 
}you never really get around to truly appreciating most of it. Also, i 
}find that with most double albums, you could cut half of the songa 
}and have one really good single album...AND it's next to impossible 
}to make a double album flow together. they regressed enough with 
}OCTA, so i hop ethey don't do the double thing cause it might ruin 
}their music altogether....

I'll take the opposite stance.  Especially in the day of the 
78minute CD I feel ripped off to buy albums that clock in at less 
than 40 minutes, especially given that the length of a single-disc 
recording has little effect on its end price.   I think that 18 
songs isn't excessive and that 60 minutes or more of any good band 
isn't a bad thing.  You expect that much when you see them live, why 
not when you buy the album?

However, I think that releasing a two-disc set with less than 40 
minutes on each 9-song disc is just going to inflate the price and 
would be pointless.

The next best thing is two albums in less than a year (like any band 
did in the 60's and 70's).  Given the short life expectancy of bands 
these days, you might as well be prolific.

They've already gotten away with the bonus party disc, which I 
really think could have been pressed on the main disc for less money.

As to the flow of 18 songs, does anyone really put tons of thought 
into what order in which the songs fall, apart from what strong 
tunes to start and end on?  Unless it's some sort of concept album, 
and I even know cases where those weren't in the right order 
(The Elder by KISS).

I'm trying to think of a lengthy release of new music to use as an 
example and can't.  I'm sure I have a Rush album somewhere that 
clocks in that long, or an Iron Maiden with lots of 12-minute 
opusses (opae? opi? opiae?) on it.  I suppose some of the post-ET 
releases are pretty long too.

Gimme more,