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Re: the contest

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Lauren McGuire wrote:

> hullo
> i was just wondering if anyone got word of who won the grand and toy
> contest?  i know that it wasnt me..... :(
> thanks
> lauren

I'm just hoping some of those compilation CDs(featuring several of those 
murderecord artists) that were one of the prizes of the contest will make 
it into the used CD shops by chance. I forgot to enter the contest and 
even if the CD probably contains songs that I already have, it 
would still be nice to own as a collector's item. By any chance, does 
anyone know what songs are on that CD? 

BTW, did anyone get the chance to snag one of those snazzy cardboard Sloan 
displays. I actually asked once for it but they said I had to come back and
ask the manager some other time. And well I forgot and now it's gone.

I'm such a pack rat sometimes...but I'm surprisingly organized,