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Drew/Sebastian/Allison's band

Hey, folks,

I did this interview with Matt Murphy, and when I asked what the other
members of the 'Friendz were doing, he said, 

"Drew is playing with Sebastian Lippa in Allison McLeod?s band playing bass"

Does this wonderous band have a name? If anyone can tell me, please email
me *privately* as soon as possible (ie tonight!) so I can finish this damn
story about the Flashing Lights.

After the interview is published I'll put it online and let y'all know
where to find it. It answers a lot of the questions people have been asking
about the post Super Friendz thing.


ps. Sorry for being on topic. And to get off topic, thanks to everyone who
filled out my market research survey! Since some people are interested I'll
also put those results online after everything is completed.

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