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Re: Hayden Q&A

At 09:11 PM 11/12/97 +0000, you wrote:
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>There is a Bridge School Benefit compilation CD coming out next
>year of various performances by Neil and guests over the years.
>Donations to the school are accepted anytime. Tickets to the show sell
>out fast.
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Let it be known there was already a comp. released in '89 called 'The
Bridge - A Tribute To Neil Young' which features Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth,
Dino. Jr., Loop, The Pixies, Nick Cave and serveral others doing, you
guessed it, Neil Young covers. I picked the CD last winter at the record
shop I used to work in for $2. Very cool CD, well worth the cost alone for
the Dino Jr. cover of 'Lotta Love'. It was released on No. 6 Records via
Caroline Distrubution. 


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