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Re: Hayden Q&A

hey sloaners,

my dad, THE authority on Neil Young sez:

The Bridge School is a special needs school in San Francisco set up by
Neil Young and his wife Pegi for mentally and pyysically handicapped
childred. Neil's son Ben is severely handicapped with cerebral palsy and
he goes to this school. It is funded by donations and to that end Neil
organizes a benefit concert each year with a variety of acts hand picked
by him. There is a Bridge School Benefit compilation CD coming out next
year of various performances by Neil and guests over the years.
Donations to the school are accepted anytime. Tickets to the show sell
out fast.

he's written like 3 books about the guy, so he knows shit. 
Has anybody heard "my chest is empty part 3"? I just got the new Eric's
trip, and low, there was a song intitled part 2...where's part 3??

smell ya later