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Re: Somebody agree please...

>>I thing the 1990's has been the worst decade for music. 
>I think the 1380's was the worst decade for music, but I'm no 

Have you read these two books?

The Rise of European Music, 1380-1500

Papal Patronage and the Music of St. Peter's, 1380-1513

Actually, I would have to vote for the 1980's for the worst decade...i
think that is what was intended to be typed up above anyway ;)

In other news...

REMNANTS has been release here on the Cape.
What is REMNANTS? Well, it is a 6 song compilation by
the people at CRACK! industries (http://www.chatsubo.com/locals/crack)
featuring the work of
Mastadon Ridge, Stephen MacDougall, Shaft, Rakad Ko, Ron Reid, Stranger to

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself:
a) ...i never heard of them
b) only cool music comes from Halifax
c) what IS a boost ventilator?

In any case, that is not really my problem. Most of the bands on the comp
are defunct...it was made as a salute to the best and a dash of the
present. It is available for $8 mail order.

But, the musicians are not defunct...no one was harmed during it's recording!
Be prepared...be warned...there will be a sequel! And it will be called

For more info, contact: CRACK! PO Box 486, Sydney, NS, B1P 6H4
or e-mail: etta.gale\!/ns.sympatico.ca


p.s. here is a review of the cd from JATA issue 21

"REMNANTS-Various Artists (Crack Industries)
Remnants is the result of the hard work of three very
dedicated people-Rod Gale, Mike Vernon and Chrisanna
Doyle-collectively known as Crack Industries. Remnants 
is a cd that showcases the talent of the local scene here
in sydney. Featuring bands like Stranger To Julien,
Shaft, Rakad Ko and Mastadon Ridge and solo artists like
Steve MacDougall and Ronnie Reid, Remnants is miles away
from any other sydney release. Mastadon Ridge starts off
with a decent number, Solid State. It's not one of their
best efforts and it's a little less than what i expect
from the Ridge but it's still a lot better than a lot
of other band's songs out there. I'm not one for solo
acts but Steve MacDougall's Run is an excellent piece.
I usually see solo acts as one dimensional and monotonous
but this one is anything but. It's very jazzy, bluesy,
rocking- there's alot of good stuff going on. I was
never much of a fan of Shaft when they played live but the
recorded material knocked my pants off.  Their track
Pursuit Of Greatness appeared on the War Canoe records
compilation and their first demo. It's been cleaned up 
a bit here and it sounds amazing. Incredibly written
lyrics -the best pop song i've heard in a while. The best
track on the cd. Rakad Ko check in next with Seed. And
like most Rakad Ko songs it's a song that goes all over the
place. Intense is one of the words that springs to mind.
But then i remember how much more intense they are live and
this track pales in comparison. There's no way you can
capture Rick's adrenalin on a recording. Still this is
my second favorite song on the cd. Ron Reid does some
kind of tragically hip type, introspective solo track
next. It's not really my thing and it seems kind of out
of place on the album but then again this is a look at the
entire local scene. Stranger To Julien finish up the cd
with their most haunting track yet.  Into The Blue is
a trip into sadness and darkness led by gerard's mourning
vocals. And i love it. The album on the whole is just great,
a must for any fan of local music."
Iain Kenneth MacLeod - mailto:boost\!/ccen.uccb.ns.ca
Boost Ventilator - http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/4313
CBMusic - http://ccen.uccb.ns.ca/cbmusic
CAPR - http://ccen.uccb.ns.ca/capr