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Re: Musicality

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997 merkley\!/sentex.net wrote:

>         It takes an awful lot of ability to call someone amazing.  Jeremy
> has never played one note on his drums that I have considered anything but
> adequate to competent as far as drumming goes.  AMAZING drummers are ones
> like Christian Tanna (IME), or Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band).
> Drummers who expand the instrument's voice beyond what has been done a
> million times.  I've never heard Jeremy play much more than a straight-up
> 4/4 drum groove, and although he's improved a lot since Naveed, I think that
> came from extensive touring with IME, where Christian's ability and chops
> forced him to measure up.

this is a joke, right?  you said "chops" seriously. gross...

P.I.T. dropout,