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Ciao Bella

Sort of fitting with the recent "best of the year" lists I would like to
say a few things:

first Endearing has in there Ciao Bella CDs now, definately one of the
best of the year!!!

Other items:

Eric's Trip - Long Ride Til Tomorrow : far better than Purple Blue and a
truly fitting way to say goodbye to Canada's best indie band.

ETH - Erieconstallation : Sure it didn't catch my ear right away but in
the long run it proved to be as appealing to me as the other ETH stuff
which I like a lot.

B'ehl - Only a Paper Moon : Take the best great girl pop bands like Tiger
Trap, The Sofites and Heavenly, mix them together and you get B'ehl.
Nothing more really need to be said.

That is about it for best of the year.

The biggest disappointments:

Moonsocket - Take the Mountain : Didn't hear much about this on the net
which seems a little strange for a release from a former ET member. Mayve
I was expecting too much after the amazing The Best Thing cd or maybe this
really did suck, either way didn't spend much time in my player.

Julie Dorion - Loniest in the Morning : Yeah I'll admit the first little
while it did spend more time in my CD player than ETH (which I got the
same day) but once it was out of the player it pretty much stayed out,
unlike the Broken Girl release which recieved a lot more play.