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Re: halifax shows/Playhouse

Graham Dafoe <av306\!/chebucto.ns.ca> had this to say about halifax shows

}What's this I'm hearing about shows on the 21 and 22 of november?  Where 
}and how much?  
}Are these rumors or true?

I think you're confused.  An out-of towner has been asking if there 
will be any good shows (by any bands at all) that weekend.  These 
are not Sloan gig rumours. 

}BTW the show at the playhouse on the 8th was wicked.

Would anyone care to comment on this new venue?  I drove down 
Maitland Street a couple of times last week and couldn't even locate 
the front door, let alone get a glimpse inside.  How's the decor, if 
any, how was the crowd, anyone scared by the neighbourhood?

Of course, I've never driven down Maitland Street before,