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Re: evil jason

>> > 3) I know there are a whole lot of people that would do the 
> >     same thing on this list 
> but have they? no. many people who offer stuff for bidding on mailing 
> lists usually maintain anonimity of the bidders and the bids.
> i'm sure i'm not the only person who doesn't think it's right to be 
> announcing who's paying what for whatever item.

I did it, I apologized for it beforehand, explained why I was doing 

> fair enough, i've argued many times amyself about the use of the delete 
> key, *BUT* irrelevant posts about the bids and how much money you're 
> scamming for stuff you probably didn't even pay for?
> morals, anyone?

I was offered money, I never put them up for sale. how is that 
scamming? please tell me, because i always thought scamming meant you 
were tricking someone into buying shit they don't want/need. how is 
that lacking morals? people are SOOOO quick to judge, but I refuse to 
believe that everyone would turn down money when they are offered it 
as oppoed to giving something away. And I WAS going to trade in the 
first place, but no one offered anything I had the least intrest in. 
plus, the first bid I got was like 30 bucks american. there was 
little in the way of bid wars, because most people started in really 
high. So i never played thsi game that you all think I did of 
raising the price until it was irdiculously high. if someone had 
offered me 2 bucks, then the next offered 5 bucks and that was it, I 
would have sold it for 5 bucks. 

> > I know everyone on the list doesn't want to see the bids
> ...and you're just realizing that now???

no, that's why I had apologized before I posted the bids saying like 
"sorryy to take up sapce and all that, but this si the only way I can 
get ahold of everyone relaly quick"

> > it's done tomorrow
> thank god.

no shit