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Re: evil jason

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Jason wrote:

> 3) I know there are a whole lot of people that would do the 
>     same thing on this list 

but have they? no. many people who offer stuff for bidding on mailing 
lists usually maintain anonimity of the bidders and the bids.
i'm sure i'm not the only person who doesn't think it's right to be 
announcing who's paying what for whatever item.
...and least of all, most people don't care to see it. 
fair enough, i've argued many times amyself about the use of the delete 
key, *BUT* irrelevant posts about the bids and how much money you're 
scamming for stuff you probably didn't even pay for?
morals, anyone?

> And i'll say it again: I wasn't the one who started this.   You guys 
> seem to have a flair for ganging up on people when they don't act the 
> way you want them to, but look at the source. I only mentioned i had 
> the stuff once, never even considering that people were willing to 
> pay that much money for it. People offered ME money, what am i gonna 
> say "no i'm sorry i am against the concept of money, I will not take 
> it" Please, be realistic. And finally, lighten up! Jesus I bug a guy 
> about deleting a message because he was bugging me in the first 
> place, and all of a sudden i'm evil.  

yeah. people offered you money, but should you really be exploiting the 
people involved? keep it to yourself. on most lists, people set the deal 
for the auction (or whatever), set a deadline date, respond to bidders 
privately. cut down on server traffic and stuff that people don't need to 
see. keep it to the parties involved.

> >b) disgusting
> I hate to sound like my dad, but if you find this that disgusting, 
> then i'm sorry but you're going to have a really hard time  in life

hmmm....guess so then. life's a bitch, hey?

> almost everyone who bid was saying "oh i don't care cause i'm getting 
> the money from my parents". hardly bilked, and hardly something I 
> feel guilty about. 

i'm not even going to respond to this one...

> I know everyone on the list doesn't want to see the bids

...and you're just realizing that now???

> it's done tomorrow

thank god.