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Re: flashing lights/murdereleases...

I'm a little confused. 
Is it #1 grandpa (the latest value village inspired matt murphy 
project who played a coverless show I didn't see at the mokka on wed) on 
tour or the flashing lights? have chad fr SUJ & henri been replaced by mr
mcguire? have I got my facts mixed up or is someone pulling my leg? I 
saw the posters so it must be true:) just want to make sure the people get 
what they're expecting...

 Rome plows appeared at mokka last night with guest vocals by shannon of 
5'9" (in blonde wig & flowered gown), laura stein of the vees (in brown 
velvet) & allison outhit formerly of rebecca west (in leather minidress & 
patterned tights). Lukas played bass. It was a sultry, swinging set of
alcoholic coctail jazz. Uncharacteristically laidback. Feverish audience 
 Soaking Up Jagged opened the show. Unfortuneately for those of us who 
chose to dress as wicker donkeys at the band's halloween show at NSCAD
(talk about *bad* ideas!), they've abandoned their once beloved icon (and 
the singers trademark sporting of 2 pairs of sunglasses) in favor of red 
shirts & charles austin on guitar. A couple of new songs. 


PS no one except me will be thrilled at this but... duran duran sat night 
live comedy network (see them perform hungry like the wolf while "comedy" 
flashes on th corner of the screen!), 5pm atlantic today. waited 15 yrs 
to see it. pathetic eh?