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Re: evil jason/inbreds/sebadoh

i don't like jason.  i have chosen to reply to all his messages
personally to see if he enjoys useless mail.  i specialize in it.

help me here though:
inbreds 7"s
what songs are on the subpop?  new ones
the new murder 7"  what's on that little beauty?

i bought a cd called "rocking the forest" put out by a british label (i
forget which one).  is this one hard to find or special or is it me that
is special (was my mother right).  i am no super sebadoh fan and thus do
not possess the knowledge to answer my own question.

best of '97:
julie - lonliest in the morning
noah's arcweld - i forget what it is called
wooden stars - mardi gras

oh there is so much more but i still have to urinate in a creek before i
go home from the computer room to my bedroom or bathroom or wherever i may
roam (wow, is this a metallica song?  am i in metallica?  should i be?)


our lady peace.  like naveed.  like clumsy.  rest = shite.

forget our lady peace, what about :RUSTY (i fucking loathe rusty.  i hate
hate hate hate hate rusty.  not just a horrible band.  but jack-asses as

i mother earth.  shite.  give me a bandwagon.  i hear the new album
involves lots of electronica.  hmmmm....grunge (hard rock) to
"alternative" to electronica to up my ass.

edwin.  jack ass.

tea party.  a little too upbeat? i haven't liked classic rock since i
started high school.  i still don't.  sorry lads.

FINALLY.  has anybody noticed what's going down with muchmusic?  a lot
more r and b.  all the new "rock" bands are the exact same.  i haven't
seen a video i recognize except for on mucheast.  and why is the wedge not
on.  am i just dumb or has it stopped?  ok, i am dumb, but has it stopped
as well?

thank you.

btw, i have a container of banana yogurt in my bag if anyone wants to
share some.  it's quite good.

this was long. s o r r y.