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general junk

some sunshine in amongst the rain....... :)
Mucheast is on at 12am est time on sunday nights.
Don't miss it.

>When is Mucheast on?....i went down one night to check it out but was late
>and ending up seeing Muchwest (and hearing some news on Blisterene - the
>former keyboard player from Pure, his new band....can anyone give me any
>info on them, where to get the CD and anything) and liking the idea,
>sorta...the dj is a loser, but anyways....then, the next sunday i went down
>and some Euro concert thing was on and, obviously, no mucheast...although
>the show did have some good bands, for the brief time i watched...
>Will the new Sloan disc have the four lads on the front AGAIN??...does
>Smeared count for having them on the front cover...hrmm...and, is there
>actually anything up with that...holy useless info, but just a thought..
>Our Lady Peace had a nice raw emotion on Naveed...the second best CD
>overall that i own (Twice Removed very narrowly beating it)...I liked
>Clumsy when it came out (and got to see them in a high school gym, no less)
>but after listening, there are not many songs that are as "complicated" and
>good as Naveed....The Story of 100 Aisles is brilliant, the and the rest
>are probably ones that wouldn't have made Naveed had they been written
>then.  As for the talent of the guys, Raine is a great songwriter, Mike is
>definitely an above average lead guitar player and for their type of music,
>Duncan and Jeremy are amazing players....I'd equate Jermey with Andrew
>Scott for drumming talent, for the type of music they play....but then
>where does Lonnie James come in?...ahh well...
>My only problem with the bidding war is that it makes it virtually
>impossible (because i'm not insane too go that high) for me to have the
>chance to buy one of the items....i don't mind the mail....
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