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Street Cents + other stuff

Hello All
Chris Murphy on Street Cents was pretty on eventful except for his
revelation of digging older women.  :)

I don't even know why I am going to talk about it but I'm going to.  Stop
whining and flaming people on this group.  Do it in private where you aren't
bugging everyone and remember you don't always need the last word.

Favorite Albums of 97

Noah's Arkweld: FUN  (this is the best one this year, hands down)
Julie Doiron:  Loneliest in the morning
Delerium: Karma
Thrush Hermit: Sweet Homewrecker

Has anybody gotten the new Starioscopic cd?  Is it good?
Also is there any new good zines that feature the east coast scene.

                        Always have fun,
                                Jamie McDonald