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Regarding Inbreds rock, Sebadoh, Stereolab...


The new Inbreds seven inch on Murder is all geared up.  The A side mustache
shows the lads doing what they do best...capitol rawk.  The b side is an
acoustic gee-tah version of 'reason why I'm shy' recorded by Mike.  
the music is only a fair chunk of the whole package though folks.  It comes
with a little display that makes it oh so much easier on the eyes.  In
keeping with the 'mustache' theme of things, it comes with a little spinning
card to rotate around and give a handome little fellow different looking
mustaches including the stylin' Chris Murphy handlebar that captured our
hearts way back in January.  The tunes, the sporting mustaches...it's
definatly worth the five bucks!
In Sebadoh topic, I've never really found rockin' in the forest to be all
that rare.  there are many stores in my town that have it.  Although it is
sort of expensive.   
I'll save my best of '97 until December...let's not jump out of our socks
here kids!
Speaking of releases of 1997, what does everyone here think of the new
Stereolab record 'dots and circles?'  I myself quite like it, but I can't
love it as much as emperor tomato ketchup.  The new one seems to really be
heavy on the dreamy blistery fluttering noise that is really wonderful, but
just doesn't quite hold up to the last record.  Any other thoughts? 

>btw, i have a container of banana yogurt in my bag if anyone wants to
>share some.  it's quite good.

I'll start the bidding for this creamy fruity treat at $10.00!

Have a great day y'all!

        -Matthew Parker

P.S.  55 messages yesterday! It's just like 1995 all over again! Thank God
for Catano!