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best of the year

I just wanted to mention some records that I loved this year.  I hope
that's ok - everyone else seems to be doing it:

in no particular order:
1.  Of Montreal - Cherry Peel
- friends of the Elephant 6.  I can't believe how incredible this record
is.  Romantic hooks galore

2.  Belle & Sebastian - Are You Feeling Sinister
- these guys seem to be getting really popular

3.  Julie Doiron - Loneliest In The Morning
- of course

4.  Apples In Stereo - Tone Soul Revolution
- took a couple of days, but it's spectacular

5.  Thrush Hermit - Sweet Homewrecker
- took a few listens as well.  I hear it was the same for a lot of people

6.  Plumtree - Plumtree Predicts The Future
- this album makes Mass Teen Fainting sound like a demo.  Strong enough to
break your heart

Thank You for your time


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