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A little note:

The ETfanzine should be finished in early December.

The Plumtree fanzine should be ready by then too, but don't quote me on
that.  If anyone's still interested in contributing, please let me know.

A third fanzine to be put out is a collection of interviews and photos.
The first issue includes interviews of:  Apples In Stereo, Of Montreal,
Thrush Hermit, Wooden Stars, and perhaps more.  If you've got something
great (photos or interview(s) that you'd like to contribute, please email.
Like the two above fanzines, I'd like to make this one created by people
across North America - that way you get a broader fan perspective, not
just my own.

Also, has anyone heard the new State Champs album, Underclass by Excess?
I just received a copy at work, and am curious as to what people think
about them.  I understand that they can't shake off their Pavement

Thank you so much, 


Stereo-Type Records						    *
Ensign "Take Care"			4-1302 Gladstone Ave.
(cass) $3				Victoria, BC
-eric's trip meets...?			V8R 1S1

Various Victoria Artists
"Surrender To The Garden City"		*PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES AND*
(cass + booklet) $5			*MONEY ORDERS OUT TO*
-lots of pop				*KEVIN SCOFIELD*

Dead Stars "Cancer Moon"
(cass) $4
-a little eric's trip left, with
lots of Apples in stereo and 
Beach Boys

Snailhouse/Julie Doiron
(7") Coming Soon
-alas, disaster has struck.  
have no idea when this will be
ready.  Sorry.
All prices postage paid						    *